Golem Smash!

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Working on the town attack system and have monsters smashing walls. Still a lot left to do, but making good progress! Monsters can also attack townspeople , who will fight back. Working on also having townspeople help a nearby NPC if that NPC is being attacked. The player can pull a monster off an NPC […]

HammerHelm Steam Release Date and Coming Soon Video!

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I’m very happy to announce that the Steam Page for HammerHelm is live and the game is launching on July 27th. Please feel free to visit the page and add the game to your wish list if you are interested! http://store.steampowered.com/app/664000/HammerHelm/ To celebrate the launch date I made a quick video showing off some features […]

Launch Update and Next Build

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With the launch of HammerHelm on itch.io, it’s been a crazy week, but a fun one! I’m mostly posting build updates on the itch.io forums, but wanted to put something here too. I’ve been working on cleaning up combat a bit. Sometimes the character would miss when fighting monsters on slopes and often failed to […]

Alpha Build 0.2.5

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This is actually a compilation of the stuff from 0.2.1 through 0.2.5. Been really busy working on the game and answering questions on the YouTube threads where the game is being showcased, but I wanted to update this here too. Added note in How to Fight about stamina requirements for Dash and Smash attacks Fixed bug […]

Alpha Build 0.2.0

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There are a ton of updates, especially behind the scenes, in this build. So much so that I’m moving HammerHelm to Alpha 2 with this update. Mostly just to reinforce that there are a lot of changes and I can’t guarantee that Alpha 1 saves will be 100% compatible. They should be, but the changes […]

Alpha Build 0.1.30

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I created a new build that includes some new features and some fixes. New Stuff: Added a Stone House to the building menu NPCs who have a Stone House get a higher mood buff than those in a Wooden House The Stone House, in addition to being made from stone, also has an additional side […]