Alpha Build 0.1.1

This build includes new icons and more interiors for the buildings in addition the updates below.

  • Changes to combat
    • If you stay in block mode too long (about 3 seconds) the monsters will break the block.
    • After resurrecting from death, hit points are fully restored.
  • Transmutation
    • The mage tower allows you to make a townsperson into a mage. The mage can transmute ingots of one kind to another.
    • This helps the player if they get unlocked with the loot drops for ore/ingots
  • All buildings have their proper collision, except the Brewery, and all but two (Brewery and Mage Tower) have full interiors.
  • All weapons, armor, loot, and buildings have updated icons – this was actually a lot of work!
  • Lots of NPC pathing updates to make them move in and out of town more smoothly
  • Quests and events are now tied to the same system.
    • Note this isn’t tested for balance yet so after the tutorial you may have periods of time where you have no quests or other times when you have too many.
  • New Events
    • Mine area discovered. After you clear the mines and assign miners, occasionally they will discover near areas of the mines.
      • These new areas are inhabited by monsters and have ore deposits.
      • This is one of the main ways to get ore.
      • You can also enter a safe area of the mine, this will be used for when you have a quest to talk to a miner
    • Ore above ground discovered. Sometimes you’ll find the locations of ore deposits above ground.
    • Townspeople can have a “good day” which increases their mood.
    • Farmers can have a “bad harvest” or a “good harvest” affecting how much food they deliver that day.
  • The player’s death now affects mood, major debuff that lasts a long time. This debuff shouldn’t happen if the player dies in the tutorial.
  • Removed two ore types. So now there are six. Copper, Iron, Jade, Gold, Diamond, and Blood stone.
  • Created shields for all six ore types
  • Lots of bug fixes, including one where the player couldn’t drink heal potions, NPCs getting stuck when leaving town, and a couple of edge case tutorial bugs that were progression blockers

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